2010-11 Science & Personal Belief Wiki Project



Courtesy of http://www.chemistry.ucsc.edu/~deamer/

Image courtesy of UC Santa Cruz - http://www.chemistry.ucsc.edu/~deamer/

Welcome to the class home page for the Science and Beliefs project at White Swan High School!_____

All student pages were created by 9th grade students in the PAWS (Power Academics at White Swan) integrated studies program.


The PAWS program integrates biology, English and World History/ Geography around common projects.


This “wiki” project is a compilation of student blog posts with the common goal of answering the driving question,

How do we reconcile science and personal beliefs?”


At the beginning of this project, students were exposed to a variety of ideas relating to science and personal beliefs.  They initially explored the following topics:

Students were then asked to generate their own guiding question which would fall under the driving question.  In this way, room was created for student inquiry while still answering a common driving question.  For convenience, we grouped the students’ questions into 4 major categories, general evolution, human evolution, early human history, and religion.

Links to major categories of student guiding questions: